Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell

Bad Religion
New Maps of Hell

Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell

Released: July 10, 2007
Record Label: Epitaph

9 out of 10


Bad Religion purists may think only a few songs on New Maps Of Hell rank as some of their best, and the whole album doesn’t quite stack up. I never liked purists.

The album mix is a little rough, and the vocals are sometimes buried. If you just sit back and enjoy the raucous music and wordsmithing you won’t really notice. Many younger ‘punk’ bands would do well to use Bad Religion as an influence.

This collection of punk anthems about social consciousness and freedom has quickly jumped to the top of my favorite releases this year.

Track Listing:

  1. New Dark Ages
  2. Grains Of Wrath
  3. Fields Of Mars
  4. Germs Of Perfection
  5. Requiem For Dissent
  6. Submission Complete
  7. The Grand Delusion
  8. Honest Goodbye
  9. Prodigal Son
  10. Before You Die
  11. Lost Pilgrim
  12. Heroes And Martyrs