Joe Bonamassa with Todd Wolfe and Crosby Loggins

Joe Bonamassa with Todd Wolfe and Crosby Loggins November 20, 2007 Lupo’s Providence, RI Right before the show, I received word that the photographer couldn’t make it. “Oh shit” I thought to myself. After a five minute tutorial on how to work the camera, I was off to Providence to discover if I was a […]

Shannon Curfman – Fast Lane Addiction

Shannon Curfman Fast Lane Addiction Released: October 9, 2007 Record Label: Purdy Records Review: We’ve been waiting eight years for Shannon Curfman to release another full-length album since her acclaimed debut… which sounds strange considering that she’s only twenty-two years-old. I’ve nearly worn out my copy of Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions so I was very […]

Jonathan Davis with Godhead at Lupo’s

Jonathan Davis with Godhead November 18, 2007 Lupo’s Providence, RI Godhead‘s acoustic set opened the show. Their performance was only 30 minutes long, which seemed much too short. It was a great set which included a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. I was already familiar with some of Godhead’s recordings, but really […]

Bright Eyes with The Felice Brothers and Nik Frietas

Bright Eyes with The Felice Brothers and Nik Frietas November 17, 2007 Lupo’s Providence, RI This frost-bound night opened with a shy guy from Los Angeles, CA. Singer/song writer Nik Frietas. This guy was good. His all-around performance was a tad-bit boring, but his vocals were superb. Nik’s also a modern day renaissance man. Unfortunately, […]

Lucy’s Revenge – [EP]

Lucy’s Revenge Lucy’s Revenge [EP] Released: September, 2007 Record Label: IN YA FACE RECORDS (Japan) Review: If Lucy’s Revenge‘s self-titled EP doesn’t bring the good-fight out of you by the first track “Giving in is not giving up” then it is sure to comfort ears and set you straight by the last one “Snow Tracks.” […]

Avenged Sevenfold Live at Lupo’s

Avenged Sevenfold with Operator, The Confession, and Black Tide November 12, 2007 Lupo’s Providence, RI Black Tide, whose members range in age from 14-19, is one of the latest entries on the metal scene looking to revitalize the genre in ways that haven’t been heard much since the ’80s. They put on a great show […]

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Live at Lupo’s

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with Hawthorne Heights, Amber Pacific, and New Years Day November 10, 2007 Lupo’s Providence, RI Tonight’s performance kicked off with New Years Day from Anaheim, CA. Although this was my least favorite act of the night, they started things off right. The crowd was very accepting of the bands notable energy, […]

As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us

As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us Released: August 21, 2007 Record Label: Metal Blade Records Review: The Metalcore scene is extremely hard to stand out in. Merging Iron Maiden’s infectious melodies, guitar octave changes and noodling lead lines with the olden days of Metallica’s glory thrash is nothing unseen in most European speed […]

The Kin – Rise and Fall

The Kin Rise and Fall Released: October 5, 2007 Record Label: Aletheia Entertainment/Defend Music/Ryko Review: The Kin‘s album Rise and Fall is, at times, reminiscent of the music of Cold Play or Interpol with one striking difference; these guys can sing. The Koren brothers, Isaac and Thorry, have tremendous and dynamic vocal interplay between them, […]