Prong – Power of the Damn Mixxxer

Power of the Damn Mixxxer

Prong - Power of the Damn Mixxxer

Release Date: May 12, 2009
Record Label: 13th Planet Records



While we all anxiously wait for an album of newly recorded material, Prong has unleashed Power of the Damn Mixxxer, a collection of remixes of songs that first appeared on Power of the Damager.

The album begins with the “Worst of It” which may actually be the best of it.  It’s a brilliant remix by Jon Clayden of Pitchshifter.  This song sets the tone for the rest of the album.  Clayden has taken the song and melded it into something new, a twin or companion of the original version.

Having such diverse remixes make it’s difficult to choose any favorites.  “Can’t Stop the Bleeding” has a guitar riff that gnaws your face off, and the rest of the tracks have an infectious feel.  The music lingers on the mind.

The album closes with the “Bad Fall” remix by Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan.  The mix takes the song away from its hard-driving metal anthem roots into a dark interpretation full of ambient sounds and static that flirts with ambient metal or art rock styles.  It’s very disparate from the original and it makes a fitting final statement for this album.  It’s the differences that make it good.

Track Listing:

  1. “Worst of It” (Worst of The Worst by Jon Clayden of PITCHSHIFTER)
  2. “Can’t Stop The Bleeding” (Smack! Mix by Xris FLAM)
  3. “The Banishment” (Wolfzilla & The Angry Moon Mix Remixed by Rob Caggiano of ANTHRAX)
  4. “Power of The Damager” (Fabrication Mix by Brian Harrah & Roman Marisak of PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC)
  5. “3rd Option” (Naked In The Cadillac Mix remixed by Kourtney Klien
  6. “Pure Ether” (Big Riddim Mix by AK1200 & GENR8)
  7. “Message Inside of Me” (Chicxulub Impactor Mix by Seismologist)
  8. “No Justice” (Crackmix by DJ? Acucrack)
  9. “Looking For Them” (Contagious by Virus of DOPE)
  10. “Spirit Guide” (Reality’s Edge Mix by John Bechdel of FALSE ICONS)
  11. “Changing Ending Troubling Times” (Abandoned Structures Mix by Ampedelic)
  12. “The Banishment” (Bitter Harvest Mix by Clayton Worbeck of REVOLTING COCKS)
  13. “Bad Fall” (Smile on Your Face Mix by Greg Puciato of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN)