Seventh Void – Heaven Is Gone

Seventh Void
Heaven Is Gone

Seventh Void - Heaven Is Gone

Release Date: April 21, 2009
Record Label: Big Vin Records



Seventh Void is the brain child of Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly ( Type O Negative, Danzig).  With their debut album, Heaven Is Gone, they have proven that they can create something unique and powerful that holds it’s own against other projects they’ve worked on.

The production of this album is fairly solid, however the mix seems a little flat in some spots.  The sound could definitely be more rich.  This is easily remedied by cranking up the volume.  This album was made to be played loud.

Kenny Hickey has a unique voice that helps carry the music along with his raucous guitar-work.  He proves himself to be a more-than-capable vocalist with great range.  His vocals really help set Seventh Void apart from other bands in the genre.

Heaven Is Gone exhibits all the best traits of doom metal.  Slow, heavy, dirty and loud.  It would be impossible to deny hearing the influence Type O Negative or Danzig in their music, and there’s also a bit of Alice In Chains thrown in too.  From start to finish, this album never relents.  It grabs you and throttles you throughout ten tracks of kick-ass metal.

Track Listing:

  1. “Closing In”
  2. “Heaven Is Gone”
  3. “The End of All Time”
  4. “Broken Sky”
  5. “Killing You Slow”
  6. “Descent”
  7. “Shadow on Me”
  8. “Drown Inside”
  9. “Death of a Junkie”
  10. “Last Walk in the Light”