Album Review: Sick Puppies – Tri-Polar

Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies - Tri-Polar

Release Date: July 14, 2009
Record Label: Virgin Records


Sick Puppies are back with their aptly named third full-length album Tri-Polar.

The writing on this album is really well-done, and most of the songs are heavier than much of what Sick Puppies has recorded previously. There are several twists and turns to keep listeners on their toes, like the unusual cadence in the song “So What I Lied,” which may seem a bit jarring at first.

Changes to the band’s sound include slightly more focus on Emma Anzai’s vocals. Not only have her harmonies improved, but on the song “White Balloons” we finally get to hear her sing sans Shimon Moore. She has a very pleasant singing voice and hopefully we’ll get to hear more of it in the future. She also continues to demonstrate her dominance over her bass on songs like “Master Of The Universe.”

Another pleasing development is the attention paid to Mark Goodwin’s drumming. He’s really able to flex his percussionist muscle on songs like “Riptide.” This album gives a pretty good sense of the energy that Goodwin brings to his live performances. Also, Moore’s guitar-work and vocals have never sounded better.

The biggest disappointment with Tri-Polar is related to a production that has overly sanitized Sick Puppies’ sound. Some of the character of this band, from Anzai’s bass to Moore’s vocals, is lost. Missing is the edge and the hunger which made Dressed Up As Life so good. It’s just too slick.

Despite the production issues, overall, this is a recommendable album. While it may not break any new ground for the band, it will help establish them as heavy hitters on the popular scene and should bring many new fans into their realm.

Track Listing:

  1. “Street Fighter (War)”
  2. “I Hate You”
  3. “Riptide”
  4. “You’re Going Down”
  5. “Odd One”
  6. “So What I Lied”
  7. “Survive”
  8. “Should’ve Known Better”
  9. “Maybe”
  10. “Don’t Walk Away”
  11. “Master Of The Universe”
  12. “In It For Life”
  13. “White Balloons”