Album Review: Tantric – Mind Control

Mind Control


Release Date: August 4, 2009
Record Label: Silent Majority


Mind Control is the fourth album from the band Tantric. The album is heavier that their previous work, but still offers many radio-friendly tracks including “Mind Control” and “What Are You Waiting For.”

“Coming Undone” is probably the greatest departure from the norm for Hugo Ferreira. In the song he unleashes deep guttural vocals unlike anything we’ve heard from him in the past. Overall, an excellent job was done vocally on this album. They’ve achieved a balance of harmony and melody that was missing on The End Begins.

The seventh track, “Intermezzo,” is an interesting interlude in the middle of the album. The short instrumental piece is reminiscent of something Eric Johnson would perform. Joe Pessia really get an opportunity to strut his stuff on this piece, and does not disappoint.

On Mind Control,Tantric is firing on all cylinders; the writing, the performances, and the production are all solid. This line-up sounds like they’ve gelled and are playing off each others strengths to add more dimension to the music. Tantric may never find the same level of success as they did with their 2001 self-titled debut, which is a shame because this may be their best work yet.

Track Listing:

  1. “Mind Control”
  2. “Fall To The Ground”
  3. “Coming Undone”
  4. “Desert Me”
  5. “The Past Is The Past”
  6. “Kick Back”
  7. “Intermezzo”
  8. “Run Out”
  9. “Walk Away”
  10. “What Are You Waiting For”
  11. “Let’s Start”
  12. “Guiding Me”


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