Album Review: Seasick Steve, Man From Another Time

Seasick Steve
Man From Another Time

Seasick Steve

Release Date: March 30, 2010
Record Label: Ryko


With a focus on a “live” analog sound, and recorded with vintage microphones, Man From Another Time has the feel of a good 50’s or 60’s blues album.  The album showcases organic sounds; you can hear the tone of the instruments, the buzzing of guitar strings on the frets, and the creaking of the vocals.  Produced, written, recorded and engineered by Seasick Steve (aka Steven Wold), with the assistance of engineer Roy Williams.

“I hope by making records like this, that it’ll make people want to hear music that’s recorded without the use of digital equipment, and that people’s ears can get a little rest from all that shit,” explained Seasick Steve.  “But if not, at least it was nice for me.  Me and computers do not see eye to eye.”

The album kicks-off with rambunctious track “Diggley Bo.”  The song’s title is a play on the name of Steve’s One-Stringed Diddley Bow instrument, and probably a not so subtle nod to blues legend Bo Diddley.  It’s a fun track and a good intro for the album.  Many of the tracks, including “Big Green And Yeller,” “The Banjo Song,” and the title-track “Man From Another Time” have strong rootsy sounds, while “Never Go West” and “Seasick Boogie” are uptempo rockers.

Steve is not afraid to move away from the standard blues formula, as with the song “Dark” that features a Native American influenced chorus.  With “Just Because I Can (csx)”, Steve showcases some of his vocal prowess, transforming into a Springsteen-esque hobo.  The album closes with the gorgeous duet “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” featuring Amy LaVere.  The tune and lyric of this song combine to create a very moving piece.

While Seasick Steve hasn’t set out to break new ground I thinks he’s done a great job of bringing back sounds that, as I heard Buddy Guy say recently, you just don’t hear on the radio anymore.

Track Listing:

  1. Diddley Bo
  2. Big Green and Yeller
  3. Happy [To Have A Job]
  4. The Banjo Song
  5. Man From Another Time
  6. That’s All
  7. Just Because I Can [CSX]
  8. Never Go West
  9. Dark
  10. Wenatchee
  11. My Home [Blue Eyes]
  12. Seasick Boogie
  13. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (hidden track)


Seasick Steve

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