Album Review: Toadies – Feeler


Toadies - Feeler

Release Date: August 17, 2010
Record Label: Kirtland Records


The Toadies’ Feeler album holds a unique place in rock mythology. In 1997 the band re-entered the studio to record the follow-up to their highly successful debut album, Rubberneck. But the label rejected the album for unclear reasons, and the band decided to shelve it. Thirteen years later, the Toadies took eight of the songs from the Feeler sessions (plus one additional song) and re-recorded them for a brand new release.

The album opens with “Trust Game.” The song’s dissonant guitar and tapping snare drum combine to create an interesting and unsettling intro. The next song, “Waterfall” is a great rock tune, and my favorite track. The building lyrics of “Now’s the the time, the time is now” makes you want to  jump up on your chair an scream it at the top of your lungs. “Dead Boy” has a distorted fuzz that I haven’t heard since the mid-nineties. The song is actually a smart punk influenced anthem with a driving groove and smooth harmonies.

The sound of this album is superb. The band put together a lean and clean production that really highlights just how great these guys sound. Vaden Todd Lewis in particular still wails like he did when he was in his twenties.

The album closes with another strong track, “Pink,” and then it’ done. This tight bundle of tunes runs just shy of thirty minutes in length. Not long enough, because it leaves you wanting… like the band has only whetted you appetite for things to come. Or maybe that’s just the point. Just be sure to set your media player to repeat, because you’ll definitely want to hear Feeler again.

Track Listing:

  1. “Trust Game”
  2. “Waterfall”
  3. “Dead Boy”
  4. “City Of Hate”
  5. “Mine”
  6. “Suck Magic”
  7. “ATF”
  8. “Joey, Let’s Go”
  9. “Pink”



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