Album Review: Adam Taylor – No Poet EP

Adam Taylor
No Poet EP

Adam Taylor - No Poet

Release Date: April 11, 2011
Record Label: Drama Entertainment Group



Adam Taylor (December 2010 Type 3 Media Artist to Watch) is set to release his EP titled No Poet on April 11, 2011. Produced and Engineered by Taylor’s older brother Chad (Live, The Gracious Few), the EPshowcases a variety of sounds and styles while highlighting Taylor’s strong songwriting skills.

The track “Oliver” is the perfect opener for this EP as it immediately grabs your attention. The bassline really pushes this song until Taylor vocals kick-in and take over. Kate Young provides some great back-up vocals. This is certainly one of the strongest tracks on the EP.  The next track, “Yes/No,” has a great 50/60’s pop rock vibe. Some of the background vocals on this track sound a bit too synthetic, but overall it’s nicely done.

The sound of “Jazzonia (Silver Tree)” is not unlike recent modern revivals of 80’s alternative music by bands like The Killers. The song is completely brilliant, and I can’t wait to see how Taylor pulls off some of the verses live without becoming tongue-tied.  It took a couple listens for me to get “Story of the Sea-Green Sky pt. II.” The lyrics are quite clever and it’s easy to miss something if you’re not paying attention. The song has a slight jazz feel with occasional hints of 60’s surf pop.

I love the lyric in “Spaghetti Western” that goes “It’s so easy to be a poet and so hard to be a man.” This a great song about drinking, gambling, and living the wild life. The next song, “Lucy,” is more delicate and clocks in at just shy of 2-minutes in length. This may seem to brief, but the song is rolled up in such a nice package and closes so nicely, it seems much longer. The song also features another great backing vocal performance by Young. A great alt-country tune.

“New York” closes No Poet. It’s an amazing lushly produced song, and almost sounds like something Radiohead might have recorded.  Adam Taylor must have an incredible sense of popular music history. He draws influences from places many modern artists have long since forgotten. But dare not call his refreshing sound retro. He’s taken those influences and produced modern music, written and performed from the heart, or somewhere deeper. No Poet‘s seven tracks have me hooked.

Track Listing:

  1. “Oliver”
  2. “Yes/No”
  3. “Jazzonia (Silver Tree)”
  4. “Story of the Sea-Green Sky pt. II”
  5. “Spaghetti Western”
  6. “Lucy”
  7. “New York”