Review: Call Me No One – “Last Parade”

Call Me No One
Last Parade

Call Me No One - Last Parade

Release Date: June 5, 2012
Record Label: 7Bros/Independent Label Group



Guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose (Sevendust) have unveiled their new side project named Call Me No One.  Their debut release, Last Parade, is set for release on June 5 via Sevendust’s label 7Bros in conjunction with Warner Music’s Independent Label Group.  Lowery and Rose have also enlisted Rek Mohr (Hurt) on bass and Alan Price (Shinedown) on guitar to round out the band for their upcoming tour.

“Intro” kicks off the album with a simple acoustic guitar track and dark and brooding vocals that sounds a bit like Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “Begin.” After 90 seconds the album explodes into “The World Is Dead.”  The track is a great piece to open up the throttle on this album because it carries more of a Sevendust vibe than the other tracks.

Last Parade is packed with twists and turns, from the banjo intro of “Hillbilly” to the bent chords in the verses of “War Song.”  One of the most compelling features of the album is the unique songwriting approach.  Just when you think you know where a song is going to turn it shifts in a completely different direction, but the flow remains.

It also notable that Lowery and Rose recorded the entire album themselves.  These guys are already established rockers and now prove that they can continue to progress and expand their writing and playing prowess.  Call Me No One’s Last Parade sounds truly inspired.

Track Listing:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “The World Is Dead”
  3. “Thunderbird”
  4. “Soapbox”
  5. “Hillbilly”
  6. “All’s Well”
  7. “Biggest Fan”
  8. “Pleased to Meet You”
  9. “Broken Record”
  10. “You Surprise Me”
  11. “War Song”
  12. “Last Parade”
  13. “Whatever Happened”*
  14. “Time Machine”*

*Deluxe version

Call Me No One

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