Radiating Magic with Victoria Liedtke of Hey! Hello!

Hey! Hello! is U.S. vocalist Victoria Liedtke and U.K. multi-instrumentalist Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts), and they are set to release their self-titled debut album on The End Records on July 23, 2013. Pre-orders for the album are available here.

Victoria Liedtke took some time away from pond hopping with magical space pillows to answer our questions.

Type 3 Media: First of all, if you still have friends and family in Oklahoma City, we hope they made it through the recent tornadoes OK.

Hey! Hello!

Hey! Hello! – Photo by Paul Harries

Victoria Liedtke: Thankfully (so, so, soooo thankfully), all of my Okie brethren and sisthren were unscathed by all of the SO MUCH WEATHER that was happening. Tornadoes are the absolute pits.

Type 3 Media: I’ve read that you first met Ginger backstage at a Wildhearts show in New York, how did you and Ginger first get the idea to create music together?

Victoria Liedtke: Met him backstage at his gig? How LURID. Actually we met at summer camp when we were assigned to the same cabin. Initially, we hated each others guts! We spend the first few weeks of camp antagonizing and bullying one another until we eventually decided to settle our differences, and in the process, actually ended up becoming very very best friends! To make things even more exciting, through all of our discussions as camp besties, we soon discovered that Ginger and I are in fact identical twins separated at birth. For our whole lives, I had been living with one divorced parent, and he had been living with the other – and we never knew of our secret twin situation!! Wild, right?? After that, we build a horrifying death machine designed to trap parents. We then set out on a journey that was also a brutal and cruel parent trapping rampage. Later, we would make a pop album.

Type 3 Media: What was the biggest challenge for you while recording material for “Hey! Hello!”?

Victoria Liedtke: If you take into consideration all of the many challenges and hurdles inherent in recording an album — hell, in ANY sort of creative collaboration amongst multiple persons aimed towards a unified artistic vision… well, I suppose in our case, this workload was compounded by the added bonus of doing all of this whilst straddling a big ass ocean (because only having to work within ONE time zone is for sissies!). So yeah, suffice to say, I strongly recommend consolidating band members onto one continent in the event of recording an album together.

Type 3 Media: How did the process work with you recording vocals in the U.S. while Ginger was in the UK?

Victoria Liedtke: Ginger went into a studio in the UK, where he recorded all of the guitars and drums, in addition to some vocals and a few harmony bits and pieces. He then sent the freshly “Gingered” tracks over to me (through the magic of The Internet!) in Brooklyn, at which point I was able to get into a studio on ‘Merican turf so that I could record all of the remaining lead vocals, add harmony sections and finally record butt loads of additional vocal tracks for any other sections of music that could possibly benefit from the addition of an army of Victoria voices.

Type 3 Media: Close communication or did you just run with it?

Victoria Liedtke: Skype: indeed it is the way and the light.

Type 3 Media: Which song are you the most satisfied with how it turned out?

Victoria Liedtke: “Black Valentine.” From garage band demo to the finished track… that was one that evolved in an interesting way. Also, I kinda got a thrill out of singing down in the “boy octave” for a change! I so rarely use that part of my range, and moreover really welcomed the challenge of having to make shit sound how I want it to sound, whilst being totally out of my singin’ comfort zone.

Type 3 Media: Which song do you think has the biggest impact during a live performance?

Victoria Liedtke: Wellll, we’ve done a few test runs on a couple of Hey! Hello! tracks during some of Ginger’s solo shows… from what I gather, people sure seem to love the shit out of “Lock For Rock.” Perhaps its the singalong vibe (Whoaaa ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh)?

Type 3 Media: Hey! Hello! mentioned on Twitter that you’ll be heading to L.A. to film a music video in June, which song will it be for?

Victoria Liedtke: It will be for our first single on the new album – a track called “Swimwear.”

Type 3 Media: Any hints to what the video treatment will be like?

Victoria Liedtke: One member of Hey! Hello! is gonna look ridiculously flawless and glow-y to the point of appearing to radiate magic and be totally color-drenched to an almost cartoonish degree, with that over all movie star expensive special effects-y sort of sheen. The other is gonna look fucked up and sketchy. I’ll let you figure out which one of us will be doing what.

Type 3 Media: What’s your reaction to the many positive comments about this album, including Duff McKagan’s Seattle Weekly article where he states that “How I Survived The Punk Wars” actually “stunned” him?

Victoria Liedtke: It totally blows me away. I am totally flabbergasted by all of the love this album seems to get. I suppose I didn’t actually have any idea what to expect once we released those songs into the ether.

Type 3 Media: What’s the one item (creature comfort or guilty pleasure) you absolutely need to have with you on tour?

Victoria Liedtke: When I’m shlepping around planet on a tour bus, I have to have my magical memory foam space pillow in my little cubby bunk bed if I plan on sleeping… ever. No space pillow= NO sleep. Without exception.